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exactly.me is the first app that let's you share your loves AND hates with the world through photos. It's the only venue that let's you express your honest point of view, discover new stuff and compare yourself with your friends - just like you do IRL.

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  • Sarah

    This app is genius. I've told a few friends about it already.

  • Michael

    The concept of this app is great seeing how you relate to people. Some people might like this picture and some people might not. I also like the press and hold for more option because sometimes you may not feel like you 100% connect with the picture and the press and hold gives you more options. The concept is simple, engaging and original.

  • Zach

    Being able to share a positive and negative opinion through the click of a button is not found on any other major social media platforms.

  • Brooke

    I really enjoy this app! It is super creative and fun to play with.

  • Justin

    Very different and very unique. Similar photo sharing apps only go as far to let you "like or favorite" a photo where as with exactly.me you have a variety of options within one photo such as saying if it's me, maybe me, exactly me, not me and so not me. These options I feel make the app a much more personal experience and can connect you with more people like you.

  • Sanyukta

    It sets itself apart by bringing together likeminded users who wouldn't have got in touch without it. I'm a strongly opinionated person, it suits my personally exactly.

  • Finh

    It appears that no other app currently in the market allows a person to share their opinion about something so easily, and further, let's their opinion be validated by a huge pool of others so easily. This, I think is a selling point for the app.